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 Women need more hours of sleep than the man. If it is true I do not know, but what mothers need, and much, this is proven by any mother and the website

During Pregnancy

Even if the pregnant mother does not want or can not sleep more than normal, her body does not ask, practically screams! This is due to the great hormonal revolution. For women who work outside the home and especially those who have a work schedule, sleeping a little more is almost impossible, but you have to do the trick: at lunch, get a nap in the car, or set up a little corner less raise your legs and close your eyes a little. When you come home, try not to be distracted by things that are wasting time, try to do the strict necessary to rest even half an hour earlier. For those who work out and have other children, make arrangements with the husband to stay with the children for at least 40 minutes, it can help you relax a bit. If you would like to check tips to sleep better, check

Particularly during pregnancy it is important to treat sleep as a medicine to take, because pregnant women who rest more tend to have less nausea and vomiting, improve their appetite and the next day they can have a little more disposition to the obligations that they requires.

As soon as the baby is born

Some women have an enviable recovery in postpartum, whether normal or cesarean. I myself had to have a cesarean, I felt very well, nor did I look like I had surgery. But the fact is not in being willing, but in giving the body time to recover. Rest in those early days, helps us in milk production, to have more patience to distinguish the crying of the baby (which in the first few days is a mystery, especially for first-time mothers), to endure nocturnal breastfeeding (which is never alone blowjobs, have the time to wait for the baby to burp, then change the diaper, put the baby to sleep and wait for his sleep to come back), etc. If you need help looking for sleeping tips, check

Over time

The baby is growing, the night time sucks are no longer, and many children come to sleep for twelve hours at night. But there are many transformations that happen in the first years of life: a tooth that is born, a vaccine that gives reaction, learns to crawl, to walk, to speak, to pick things up, to demonstrate their will, to feel a routine change … and with all this, not always every night will be the same! My son, for example, now has eight teeth being born at the same time and has nights that he wakes up very irritated. And if your child does not wake up, at the very least you’ll wake up to see if that’s OK with him. That is, the nights will never be the same. That is why it is very important to take care of sleep. Taking care of your quality of life is taking care of your child too! For other important tips, visit