Month: May 2017

5 Ways for New Parents to Get More Sleep is a great resource for any new mothers or fathers. Dealing with a newborn isn’t as easy as it looks! Some people make it look easy but when you have little experience with childrearing everything is a struggle. For many new parents, they have trouble with sleep and getting more sleep can be a necessity for every parent. However, getting more sleep isn’t impossible as long as you know how to get it that is. Read on to find out more information.

Why Not Sleep In A Different Room To The Baby?

A lot of new parents have the child in the room with them and that isn’t a bad thing. With their cot in the corner of the room you can easily get out of bed and attend to the child but when you’re trying to sleep, it can be a little troubling. Now, when it’s your turn, you can sleep in the same room as the child but when your partner has the duty for the night; why not sleep in the spare room? This will help you sleep more.

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps!

The golden rule – sleep when the child sleeps! This has to be the simplest way to help get more sleep and to be honest, it’ll be the best practice for new mothers and fathers. Remember, newborns are a lot of work and for the first few years they will sleep when they want to so it’s best to get a little rest when they’re resting. is a great resource to use and you might find it helps you understand how and when to get more rest.

Consider a White Noise Machine to Help You Drift Off

Have you ever considered a white noise machine? If you want to sleep more and have difficulty in doing so you might want to consider one of those machines. They can help you drift off and drown any noise out. This is especially good if your partner has the night on and it’s his turn to do the night feeds! Also, it will ensure you get an interrupted sleep.

Have Shifts with Your Partner

You need to think about having a shift for the baby and their sleeping rituals. For most newborns, they sleep when they want and cry whenever they want so you have to make a little deal with your partner to do some shifts. For example, let the partner do the morning feeding, changing and bathing while you fix yourself up (or have a little nap); and then you take over for them. You have set shifts so that both of you get the rest you need.

Sneak a Nap When You Can

It’s not easy to get sleep, especially when there is a newborn in the house but you don’t want to be sleepwalking through your day either which is why you need to think about power naps. Taking a sneaky nap whenever you can will help regain your sleep and strength! You don’t necessarily need to sleep for hours, maybe fifteen or twenty minutes when the baby is sleeping or when your partner is changing their dirty nappies. .

Getting More Sleep Is Easy

Being sleep deprived is a nightmare. You can feel tired, cranky and very frustrated and when you’re looking after a newborn baby, it’s not ideal. That is one of the biggest and best reasons to find simple ways to get more sleep. It’s not impossible and with a little know-how you can get a better night’s rest.